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apparently I'm the sane one of th' day. As my partner in crime has been reduced to claw-twitchy glee, 's left to me t'say thank you.

So I do. :)


. . Okay, whoever turned up the brightness/contrast on the universe needs to turn the knob back the other way. Enough with the glowing edges already.

"I'm going to be living in your side valley for the next decade or so," Scales told them. "I've taken a fancy to it. While I'm there, I'm going to teach you both wizardry if it kills us all. We'll start with mind reading. Turn up there tomorrow morning, both of you. Boy, cat-bird, got that?"

"My name's Kit," Kit said. "Is this because of what the god said?"

"Only partly," said Scales. "Mostly it was the sight of the pair of you in that sandpit, with all the ability to get out of it and not knowing how to. That irritated me."

(Diana Wynne Jones, Dark Lord of Derkholm, page 344)

Mam'selle Jenn, you have excellent taste in chocolate.

. . . *looks at calender date* *looks at Dante, who's looking somewhat frazzled*

*amused!* Poor 'maker. *goes looking for breakfast*

. . . Oi, miss shoopuf--why'd I rate?

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Ku, that's my hair, not your tail. :)

Someone got his feathers ruffled.

Keeping this one, oh yes.

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